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New Verification Process

Verification Process has been changed a little:
Under GDE Tools, you need to select Verification Process from the drop down list on the bottom, click the GO button, then you may import GDE data for the verification report as before.
Two Systems run on this Website.

35eSIS Reporting On-Line provides for reports that are not possible or not acceptable using BCeSIS. All requests for new Reports will be evaluated by the Information Systems department and will be developed only if it could be useful for all schools or the District.

i.Portfolio On-Line has everything you need to keep track of student progress throughout the 3-year GRADUATION PORTFOLIO assessment process. Students, Parents and Teachers can monitor Core, Choice and Presentation marks through grades 10, 11 and 12, print individual reports of student achievement and print consolidated progress reports of students by grade level.

To access this system you must be a current grade 10, 11 or 12 student, teacher or administrative staff of the Langley School District. Please contact your site Portfolio Advisor for a Login ID if you need to access i.Portfolio Online.

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